Green Living


Cats and dogs provide you with company, comfort, and fun. Green pet supplies are the best choice for your pet’s health and the environment. Every aspect of pet care can be handled a little greener. From food time to play time, here are a few tips to help you be a green pet owner.


Playing with your pet is one of the greatest joys of ownership. Cat and dog toys form the fun side of green pet supplies! Recycling provides an easy, inexpensive, green method of providing you and your pet an enjoyable time. As any long-time cat owner knows, cats adore cardboard boxes and paper bags. Set your paper packaging around your home for a time before sending it to the recycle bin for an adorable show. Homegrown catnip is another option for endless fun. Keep two pots of catnip – one at munching level and one out of reach. Swap them out to keep them growing strong! For dogs, re-use deflated footballs or tennis balls for an amusing, recycled game of fetch. Old fabric is another material you can use for up-cycled dog toys. Cut old t-shirts or rags into strips, then braid them and knot them at the edges for an inexpensive, eco friendly tug of war tool. Commercially available green pet supplies for playtime are available for more permanent toys. Many pet supply stores sell toys for both cats and dogs that contain post-consumer materials.


Higher quality food is the healthier option for your pet’s dinner. Standard food often contains by-products as well as nasty preservatives. Look for a company that is certified organic. These companies often utilize more environmentally friendly practices when producing food. Some pet owners skip commercial food altogether and cook for their pets. This step is more time consuming than many pet owners like. A little research into your pet’s food company can help you select green pet supplies for feeding time.

Waste Management

The biggest downside of owning a pet is cleaning up after it. Green pet supplies exist to help you with the more unpleasant aspect of pet care. If you get your cat as a kitten, they may be susceptible to toilet training. If successful, this will eliminate the need for kitty litter quandaries. However, some cats are too old to be trained and other just won’t learn. Litter boxes are the most common solution. Look for a litter that isn’t loaded with chemicals. You could use a natural litter made from baking soda, sand, or wood chips. Clean the litter box regularly with an eco friendly soap to keep it from stinking. Natural dish soap is one of the safest cleansers to use. When it comes to dogs, recycle old paper grocery bags for pick-up duty. Plastic grocery bags belong in the recycling bin, not the trash. Look for biodegradable options at your pet supply store for greener clean up.


Most cats take care of their own cleaning and only need a bath if they get into something unpleasant. Dogs, on the other hand, need to be bathed regularly. Choose green pet supplies for cleaning that are made from naturally derived ingredients to keep your dog smelling fantastic and feeling soft. Pure and Gentle has a few dog shampoos that are safe for the environment as well as your pet. We also provide powders to combat odors between bath times.

Incorporate pet care into your eco friendly lifestyle by choosing green pet supplies. Pure and Gentle covers your bases regarding clean-up, but other aspects of your pet’s life can be kind to the environment as well. Show your cat or dog some love while keeping it green!

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