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One of the most sought-after and naturally beneficial products for the relief of pain and inflammation is arnica oil. This aromatic essential oil has been shown to be effective against many ailments and widely used for pain relief. For those who are seeking a homeopathic addition to their home health care and first aid kit, arnica oil has a multitude of health care properties.

What is Arnica Oil?
Arnica is a genus of the herbaceous plant family known as Asteraceae, or Compositae, the daisy family. Its flowers are orange with yellow petals, and very soft, hairy leaves which account for its name (arni in Greek means lamb). The plant is most common in Siberia and Europe. One species of arnica that is native to North America is called arnica montana, also known as Leopard’s Bane. This species is used to make arnica oil.

What are the Benefits of Arnica Oil?
In addition to its pain relieving abilities, arnica oil has been shown to
• heal bruises,
• relieve sprains;
• act as an antibiotic;
• treat osteoarthritis,
• promote hair growth;
• heal insect bites,
• relieve sore throat;
• heal chapped lips,
• clear acne, and
• reduce pain and swelling from carpal tunnel syndrome.
Arnica oil is also used in perfumes, hair tonics, cosmetic products, and as a flavoring ingredient in beverages and desserts.

Pain Relieving Arnica Oil
As a pain reliever, arnica may be applied topically or massaged into the skin of the affected area. Its anti-inflammatory property comes from an ingredient called helenalin, which is a sesquiterpene lactone, which has been used to treat hematomas, rheumatic diseases, contusions, and skin inflammation. Despite having proven anti-inflammatory properties, scientific research has yet to definitively discover what makes arnica oil work.

Results of a scientific study, published in the European Journal of Sport Medicine, showed that test participants who had used arnica experienced less pain and muscle tenderness after a regimen of rigorous exercise.
Another ingredient of arnica that functions as an anti-inflammatory for pain relief is thymol, which is also found in thyme. Thymol produces the aromatic fragrance in arnica, and is a powerful antioxidant and fungicide. Thymol works as a vasodilator, which allows the capillaries to carry more blood and fluid from an inflamed area for more rapid healing.

Arnica oil should only be used externally on unbroken skin, as it can be toxic if introduced into the bloodstream directly or ingested.

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