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Just how do anti-allergy products work on the things that drive our noses or skin nuts? Because there are so many allergens present in our everyday lives – in things like dead skin flakes, cat saliva and dust mite feces (ew!) – many people use anti-allergy cleaning products to counteract the adverse effects these allergens can cause in the human body. These products often state that they “denature allergens”, but what exactly does this mean?

The Cause

To start to answer this question, we need to look at what part of the allergens cause the reactions from which so many people suffer. All of the above examples, as well as pollen and (grossness alert) animal urine and cockroach droppings, contain protein allergens, and it is this that triggers the allergic reaction. These protein allergens are present in our homes, where dust and other allergens get trapped in carpets and on beds. That said, anti-allergy cleaning products are vital in ensuring an allergen-free environment.

The Solution

Because it is the protein allergens that cause the adverse reaction, anti-allergy cleaning products target this part of the allergen, deactivating the proteins so that they are no longer recognized by the body’s immune system. Since the body no longer recognizes them, the immune system will not react to them in the same way, as a result the same allergic reaction will no longer take place.

By cleaning the areas of the house affected by these allergens with specialized cleaning products, you take away the elements that naturally clash with our immune systems. Therefore, the term “denaturing” is indeed quite explanatory, as what anti-allergy cleaning products essentially do is remove the proteins that are part of their “nature”.

The Eco-Friendly Option

Since these allergens are almost always present in the home, it is very difficult for the ever-increasing number of people affected by them to be free from reaction. PGI produces anti-allergy cleaners that are suitable for use on carpets, windows, as well as a multi-purpose cleaner that can be applied directly to a pet itself, so that your home can be allergen-free, while still remaining chemical-free.

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