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A stain on your upholstery doesn’t have to be devastating. While the initial panic of spilled wine or a dropped plate is perfectly understandable, most stains can be taken care of with the right upholstery cleaning products and prompt attention.

The best tools for the task at hand are actually pretty simple ingredients that are likely to be right in your kitchen. Pure & Gentle’s dish soap and laundry detergent are two liquid cleaners that work well on most upholstery without causing damage to most fabrics.

Diluted dish soap is one of a few upholstery cleaning products that may be used to pre-treat and remove common stains. Our dish soap is free of dyes and bleaches that could damage your upholstery further. The grease fighting properties of liquid dish soap make it ideal for oil-based spills such as gravy and salad dressing.

Red wine is one of the most feared stains. Fortunately, the best upholstery cleaning products for these stains are often found as nearby as the pantry. White wine counteracts red wine wonderfully if you catch the spill right away. Baking soda and talcum powder are useful for absorbing the liquid after blotting with white wine and a sponge. For older or more persistent stains, try diluted non-bleach laundry soap and warm water. Our plant-based laundry detergent is gentle enough to use on most fabrics.

Techniques matter almost as much as upholstery cleaning products when working with delicate fabrics. Remember to blot the area of the stain instead of scrubbing. Heavy-handed scrubbing can force the stain further into the fibers and render it near impossible to remove. Cold or lukewarm water are far better than hot water. While hot water can dissolve grease, it might have the added effect of shrinking your upholstered fabric.

Alongside these simple upholstery cleaning products, we also offer an anti-allergy carpet cleaner to help you skip the trip to the professional. This non-volatile formula is great on carpets and couches alike. It also denatures allergens on contact to leave your furniture free of dander and looking amazing. Keep your sofas and chairs looking great, or restore them to their initial beauty with mild cleaners from Pure & Gentle.

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