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It seems as if antibacterial products are everywhere: hand and dish soaps, hand sanitizers, sponges, plastic trash bags, and even laundry detergents—they’re practically unavoidable.

Many people are aware of the effects of non-eco friendly laundry detergents on the environment but not the effects of antibacterial detergents and cleaners. If you’re concerned about using only environmentally friendly detergent, antibacterial cleaners are best avoided for a number of reasons. Many bacteria are useful and necessary for humans. They help us to digest, give our immune systems an occasional workout, and even protect against harmful bacteria. Blindly obliterating them in the name of cleanliness is bad for the environment and everyone who lives in it.

Researchers at the University of St Louis Medical School have said that antibacterial products don’t have the benefits they claim to. It’s commonly believed that they keep us from getting sick, but bacteria are rarely to blame for illness in modern societies. Anti-bacterial products do nothing to fight viruses, which make us sick far more often. Worse yet, excessive use (considered to be one or more times each day) is thought to risk creating super bacteria that are resistant to chemical anti-bacterial agents.

So-called “over-killing” of bacteria may one day even render antibiotic medication completely ineffective. More and more researchers believe that antibacterial products come with risks that outweigh the supposed benefits. Environmentally friendly detergents put no emphasis on the killing of bacteria, though they are effective in their removal without antibacterial agents being added.

Figuring out which environmentally friendly detergent you want to try first may require a bit of research. A quick peek through your current stash of your cleaners for laundry, dishes, or even removing lime scale will probably tell you which products you want to replace first. Look for water-soluble cleaners that do not require special disposal methods. Be sure to purchase items in eco-friendly, recyclable containers. Products made from plant extracts are ideal, maintaining a balance between gentle cleaning and environmental friendliness that makes the whole family feel great. Seek out companies that carry a wide selection of versatile products, and offer complete information so that you can purchase with confidence. Check out our site for an array of environmentally free cleaners and soaps.

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