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Cleaning is a chore that few really enjoy, but it’s one of those things that we simply must do. Usually you can get by with light dusting or vacuuming; however, some areas may get missed. Here are 5 frequently-overlooked cleaning areas you may want to hit next time around!

1. Ceiling fan blades

The blades of ceiling fans can accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt and this build-up can mean that the fan starts to wobble.  In order to maintain the proper balance and ensure the fan is running smoothly, it is important to wipe away the dust that settles on the blades about once a week, using a long-handled brush. 

A more thorough clean will also have to be administered approximately every two months.  For this you will need an appropriate sized ladder, some paper towels, and an all-purpose cleaning spray.  The spray should be applied to the paper towels in order to avoid entering the mechanism, and wiped along the top and edge of the blades.

For each of these methods, always remember to turn the fan off before cleaning.

2. Heating and cooling systems: filter and vents

It most cases, these parts will be easily removable, allowing you to clean separately from the system itself.  Use a vacuum (with applicable attachments, if possible) to clean along the edges of the filter/vent, being sure to remove any build-up in the corners.  A small brush can also assist in this task.

3. Stoves

We all know we should clean the stove, but many harder to access areas are left untouched.  Many stove tops have removable parts that allow you to clean underneath the burners and around the pilot lights (for gas and propane stoves); for electric ovens, the areas around the switches can often accumulate much of the dirt wiped away during cleaning of other areas.

One particularly overlooked area is the hood of the appliance, which houses the light and extractor/exhaust fan.  Not only does the exterior of this unit require cleaning, but the interior as well, so by removing the screen covering the fan, you can clean the screen itself, as well as the contents therein.

4. Toasters

It stands to reason that, since you use your toaster to cook bread, crumbs will inevitably get trapped inside; but the build up of this detritus can affect the way the bread toasts, ends up tasting and even the mechanism itself.  Remove the small panel at the base of the unit to empty the majority of crumbs and, if you want to clean inside more thoroughly, always remember to first unplug the appliance before doing so.

5. Floors

At first glance, you might think everybody remembers to clean the floor, and of course, you’d pretty much be right.  But this is not always the entire floor, but rather, the main uncovered areas of the floor are frequently cleaned, and other less obvious places are overlooked.

The floor underneath appliances such as refrigerators and ovens are just as likely to collect dust, hair, crumbs and spills as the rest of the floor, but are rarely touched during regular cleaning.  By moving or removing the bottom panel, if the appliance has one, you can gain access to this area of neglect so that nasty dirt does not accumulate. 

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