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With summer in the rear view mirror, it is time to undo some of the damage that may have been done to your skin over the last few months. Long days in the hot sun, salt or chlorine water and an active lifestyle during the summer months can be hard on your skin. You need a skincare routine this fall to nourish and replenish your skin while using products that also work well with the environment. Here are four reasons to add eco-friendly, all-natural soap to your skincare routine this fall.

1. Gentle formulas. After the summer your skin may be a little drier than usual, making it necessary to use gentle formulas when cleaning your skin. Pure & Gentle has all-natural, eco-friendly soaps that contain no dyes, perfumes or phosphates to irritate your skin. With only natural, plant-derived ingredients, your skin will be gently cleaned without any harsh chemicals that can actually irritate and further dry your skin.

2. Reduced packaging. With Pure & Gentle eco-friendly soap, you get the benefits of wonderful soap that cleans your skin and pores while not clogging up the landfills with extra garbage from unnecessary packaging. We use 75% less packing for our products, saving on materials and reducing waste. You get the gentle soap you need to care for your skin this fall without the excess packaging that comes with many commercial soap products.

3. Natural moisturizing. To replenish your skin’s moisture level and add nutrients back into the skin after the hot summer, you want soap that contains natural, eco-friendly oils. Pure & Gentle all-natural soaps contain oils from coconut, palm, olives, mulberries, sunflowers and other plants to soften, nourish and strengthen your skin during every cleaning. From head to toe, you can gently clean and replenish your over-exposed skin. We also offer sensitive skin formulas in our skincare line for those that need an even gentler soap for their skin.

4. Save energy and reduce excess waste. You want to use products in your skincare routine that are made in eco-friendly facilities and will be gentle on the Earth when it returns back into the water system. At Pure & Gentle, we create all our products, including our all-natural soaps, in our carbon neutral facilities. We concentrate our formulas to save on packaging, use non-toxic ingredients and no chemical preservatives. This helps us create soaps that are biodegradable that will not harm septic systems or the planet when they go down the drain.

Make the switch this fall to eco-friendly soap that is great for your skin and easy on the planet. At Pure & Gentle, all our products are made with the environment in mind, while using the highest quality natural ingredients. Check out our entire line of soaps, lotions and home care products that are all made naturally and with green living in mind.

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