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Even the most conscientious eaters sometimes make concessions for breakfast. Hitting snooze too many times, hearing about a traffic jam on the radio, or lingering in the shower can make getting ready a rush. That usually means breakfast is chosen for convenience, not environmental impact. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend twenty minutes cooking an organic omelet to eat pure and natural products for breakfast. Good, healthy, and eco-friendly options are available on the fly. You just have to keep them in stock.

1. Organic fruit is loaded with nutrients, and it can last for days. If you’re running out the door, grabbing an organic banana instead of a granola bar is a greener (and healthier) choice.

2. Prepare a smoothie the night before by storing cut fruit and organic yogurt in a blender in the refrigerator. Right before you need to leave, pull it out, blend them together, and pour the drink into a cup to enjoy on your way to work.

3. Make your own bars with natural ingredients. Packaged breakfast bars are usually full of sugar and unnatural preservatives, but you can make a whole pan of your own in less than an hour with all pure and natural products.

4. Hardboiled eggs are rich in protein and require little more cooking skill than boiling water. Better yet, you can carry and eat them on the go, and if you buy organic eggs, they’re not just good for you: they’re eco friendly too.

5. Think outside the breakfast box and consider a sandwich. Toasting multigrain bread for a natural peanut butter sandwich is a great breakfast alternative. It’s quick, delicious, and made from pure and natural products to keep you energized throughout the day.

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