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Summer is the best season to clean your home’s windows inside and out. This chore might require a little work, but it’s worth it for a crystal clear view of the landscape surrounding your home. As with any household cleaning project, the process of restoring your windows is likely greener, safer, and more affordable when you take the path of DIY in place of hiring outside help. A few eco friendly window cleaning tips can help you make this task easier on both you and the environment. The process itself goes much smoother when planned out from start to finish, and every step has the potential to be eco-friendly and effective.

1. Plan it Out

The initial planning period can transform your project from an eco-nightmare to an environmentally friendly process. The tools you use to get the job done make all the difference. Vinegar isn’t harmful to the planet, but it simply smells bad. Paper towels might be effective, but they create a lot of waste. Eco friendly window cleaning tips include choosing the best tools for the job – without creating excess trash. For the cleansers: choose green cleaners made from natural ingredients. For the tools: choose old t-shirts and towels. You can wring them out in the sink or over a bucket and keep re-using them.

You might also want to consider whether you’re only after the glass this year, or if you’d like to tackle the window as a whole. Window cleaning tips aren’t only for the glass itself. The area surrounding your panes is likely in need of a little special attention as well. You might also wish to target the weather stripping and woodwork while you’re at it. If so, a window cleaning kit should be composed of cleansers that target wood and rubber.

2. Conserve as You Work

Any good list of green window cleaning tips needs to touch on the subject of conservation. This is the “reduce” part of eco friendly cleaning. Wasting water by blasting your windows with a hose at full power isn’t the best idea, regardless of how eco friendly your cleansers are. Likewise, don’t go heavy handed on the amount of cleaning solution. With eco friendly cleaners, a little bit really does go a long way. The ingredients of these cleaning products allow them to work harder than traditional chemicals, meaning that a bucket of diluted window cleaner should last longer than a pre-made spray bottle of ammonia-based product. A bucket of suds and a few re-used rags can do wonders for your windows without the waste.

3. Getting it Clean

Once you have your kit, eco friendly window cleaning tips follow the same steps as any other. If you’ve decided to tackle the woodwork and weather stripping, clean these areas before moving onto the glass. A retired and stripped screwdriver really helps remove the grime build-up in creases and folds. If you don’t have one of those lying around, try an old toothbrush for scrubbing. When it comes to the windows themselves, a little elbow grease might be in order. Old toothbrushes and softened-by-use floor scrubbers also help remove the build-up of time from glass surfaces. Time softened plastic bristles are far gentler than metal ones, and much less likely to cause permanent scratches.

The effort spent is worthwhile for windows that really let the light shine through. Just remember to always work from top to bottom to prevent dripping over already-cleaned areas.

Naturally, green window cleaning tips require natural products. Pure & Gentle provides eco friendly cleaning products for every step of the process. Our non-toxic window cleaner is also hypoallergenic. This means less dust on the inside of your home and less pollen on the exterior. Choose green cleaners for a vibrant view and a happier environment.

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