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This day and age, almost everyone in America knows the difference between halogen and fluorescent light bulbs. Green household products have become staples of even the biggest chain stores. You can find recycled toilet paper, green cleaning supplies, and eco friendly water bottles almost anywhere, but new products are going green all the time. You might not have known these existed, so to keep you informed, we’ve outlined a few of the newest green household products.

1. Surge protectors. They’re sold and marketed to keep your electronics safe in case of a power surge, but they’re also indispensable for keeping your home green. Electronics are notorious for absorbing energy when they’re not in use, so plugging them into a surge protector allows you to shut off their power supply when you sleep and go to work.

2. Windows. They’re necessary for filling a home with natural light, but windows are also notorious for releasing cool air in the summer and warmth in the winter. Installing new, energy efficient windows can save you hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills—and it will conserve energy, which is great for the earth. For added incentive, most homeowners can apply for a tax credit to lower the costs even more.

3. Trash bags. This might seem counterintuitive since they go straight to a landfill, but even trash bags now exist as green household products. Some companies manufacture them out of recycled plastic, and others go a step further, using biodegradable, corn-based materials to create small bags. Both kinds will still decompose slowly in a dump, but because they use recycled and natural materials, they’re ultimately much better for the planet.

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