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Skip the chemical-laden acne treatments and let nature work its magic by trying our refreshing Citrus Mint soap, the natural bar soap of choice for people with oily skin. The nourishing nutrients from plant-based ingredients are far better for your skin than the acidic treatments found at drug stores, and they provide great relief from the troubles that oily skin can cause. 

Citrus and mint are both natural astringents that work with the balance of your skin to prevent blemishes and reduce oiliness without over-drying. Citrus oil is a powerful remedy for all types of oily skin complaints. Its anti-bacterial properties help to remove dirt particles that cause pimples, and it is also a natural toner and cleanser. When used in a natural bar soap, citrus oil helps to achieve a good balance of nourishment and oil removal.

Mint is also great for pimple prevention. The natural menthol found in peppermint works as an analgesic to relieve the pain caused by deeper pimples and acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling. Mint’s high content of Vitamin A also helps it to strengthen tissue and reduce oils. Natural bar soap with mint provides a cool, refreshing sensation that feels great on acne-prone skin. 

Our Citrus Mint Bath and Beauty Bar contains a number of nourishing oils that are beneficial for all skin types. If you have oily skin, the solution is not to dry it out, because this forces your skin to produce even more oil to compensate for what has been stripped away. Instead, use a product that gently cleanses your skin while adding the right balance of oils that promote skin health. Our blend of plant-based oils helps you achieve your best skin without resorting to harmful chemicals, so skip the harsh treatments and show your skin some love from nature by trying this natural bar soap!

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