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A garage is equal parts storage space, car park, tool shed, and mechanical workshop. It might not even be considered an extension of your well-maintained home due to its clutter content. From all natural cleaning products to recycled storage bins, eco-friendliness can help you get your garage in top shape for a full year. All you need are a few tools for the job and the inspiration to get started! Summer is the perfect time to tackle the task due to forgiving weather and ample light. Use Pure & Gentle’s all natural cleaning products to remove the dust and dirt from your garage.

The first step is the desire to get things in order. Asking for a little assistance from a friend or family members can keep you motivated. Look at the space itself, and consider how a few all-natural cleaning products could help with the task. Large bins made of recycled materials are perfect for stacking awkwardly shaped items. All-purpose cleaner with anti-allergy properties can make the dust disappear for a more breathable space.

Once you have your supplies in order, it’s time to get started! Separate the full area of your garage into charted zones for cleaning. If the very thought of attempting to bring order to a particular zone sends you into a fit, just breathe deeply and take a little break. Clearing out any storage space is a large task, albeit a necessary one. Take the time off to think about what you do and don’t really need. Recycle or donate your cast-offs instead of sending them to the garbage. For those you intend to keep, choose bins made from recycled materials for eco friendly storage.

As you work, clean each zone with all natural cleaning products. All-purpose cleaner is a great tool for varied surfaces – from concrete to wood to the metal shelves for automotive supplies. Pure & Gentle’s all natural cleaning products ensure a dust-free garage with plenty of space for your car and your storage. Once you’ve organized for the first time, revisit it every summer with the same outlook of eco-friendliness, cleanliness, and space-effectiveness to make this extension of your home a nicer place for you and your storage.

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