Green Living


Paper towels made from recycled material, aluminum water bottles, fluorescent light bulbs: hundreds of green products have become staples of the market. Their popularity is great news for the earth, but for people who want to do even more, they might think that common list is all that’s available. Actually, more and more going green products appear all the time, but before you can find them, you need to know what some of them are.

  1. Non-toxic yoga mats. Green-minded folks tend to love this exercise, but a lot unknowingly hurt the earth in the process. Most yoga mats are made from a toxic plastic that releases chemicals as it ages. If you do yoga, you can still do it with the environment in mind. Alternative mats abound, and they’re some of the best going green products.
  2. No-oil cookware. The most popular cookware tends to be made from the most energy efficient materials: glass, cast iron, ceramic, and stainless steel. That helps reduce the need for high heat stove tops, but some companies have taken it a step further. They’ve designed cookware that never needs oil and requires just a bit of water, even when steaming food.
  3. Water from the air. If you have a humidity problem in your home and love water dispensers, a new product from a company called Air2Water might be perfect for you. They’ve developed machines that pull, filter, and sanitize water from the air. Depending on the environment, even their smallest models can produce up to seven gallons a day. Because this technology is so new, it’s no surprise that these machines aren’t among the cheapest going green products, but they could pave the way of the future for drinking water.

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