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This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of soft skin and sweet scents to your sweetie—the eco-friendly way. While conventional bath products may appear to make a nice gift, many of these soaps, lotions and oils have harsh additives and poor processing methods that are less than sweet for the environment. This Valentine’s Day, give your loved one all the luxury of pampering bath products, without the additives, from our eco-friendly soaps and lotion collections.

What Makes Our Products Eco-Friendly?
To make our products eco-friendly, we start by using only natural ingredients. Our soaps, lotions and other bath products are made from plant-based components that are 100% biodegradable and gentle on skin and the environment. We do not use harmful dyes or chemical additives, and never test our products on animals. However, that is just the beginning.

Many companies claim to have natural products; But for us, claiming to be eco-friendly goes beyond our quality natural products. We strive to use green methods in all of our operations, from our Carbon Neutral Facility to the reduced Carbon Neutral Packaging we use. We are registered as a USDA Certified Biobased Product and as a Climate leader by the FDA.

Benefits of Natural Bath Products
As important as being eco-friendly is to us and to our customers, it is just as critical that our products deliver the quality and luxury that is expected from a bath product. Our soaps and lotions offer the scents and soft skin that you want, with none of the additives or stress on the environment. Why choose natural bath products to give to your Valentine this year? Here are some of the benefits:

– Perfect for all skin types. Natural soaps and lotions can be used by all skin types, making them the perfect gifts. The plant-based ingredients are safe for all skin, even those with severe skin conditions. For those with super-sensitive skin, try our Sensitive Skin Body Shampoo, which is designed with no fragrances, dyes or sulfates in a non-drying, gentle formula.

– Natural aromatherapy. Our soaps are naturally aromatic, with scents that smell fantastic without being harsh. We do not use artificial scents or perfumes–only extracts from plants that offer a mild, lovely aroma. Try our Lavender Chamomile soaps for a calming effect or Peppermint Leaf for the invigorating properties.

– Simple and soft. Our bar soaps contain glycerin which simply and naturally give skin moisture and silky, smooth softness. The natural plant ingredients also help nourish and cleanse the skin without drying or stripping, which can upset the balance needed for soft, supple skin. Your Valentine will appreciate how great their skin feels with none of the leftover residue that many commercial soaps leave behind.

Our mission leads the way.