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If you are a person looking to become more eco friendly, the sheer volume of packaging waste creates a challenge. What do you do with all the packaging waste involved in day-to-day living? Here are a few tips to reduce packaging waste for a greener home.

Buying Online

Choosing to purchase your home cleaning supplies online from Pure & Gentle helps you significantly reduce the packaging waste in your home. The majority of our products come in concentrated solutions. Concentrated products necessitate less packaging. Pure & Gentle’s concentrated products result in 75% less packaging waste.  You simply dilute our solutions at home in a re-usable container. We also produce our packaging in a carbon neutral facility and use a carbon neutral process for the shipping.

Choosing Eco Friendly

When you shop for any product needed for your home, look for companies that use recyclable materials. On the back of the container, you will often see a little logo that mentions how much post consumer recycled material was used in the packaging. When buying products online, search for eco-friendly companies and look into their policies. Support these companies as often as you can to contribute to lessened packaging waste.

Pure & Gentle is proud to be a company you can trust to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as the solutions within them.

When all else fails, Re-use and Recycle

Not every item you need comes in a recycled or reusable package. In these cases, recycle the plastics and re-use what you can. Save those twist ties that wrap your child’s action figure. Bring clean grocery bags back to the store on your next trip.

Our mission leads the way.