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Even if you’ve done a deep scrub of your bathroom recently, putting in a little bit of cleaning time every week can help keep it fresh – and prevent a more extensive cleaning project later on.
While you’re freshening up your bathroom, why not swap out your cleaners and personal hygiene projects for eco-friendly products? That way, you’ll keep your bathroom looking great while protecting you and your family from potentially harmful chemicals.
Check out these 4 effective and convenient eco-friendly bathroom products.

Lime and Scale Remover

When limescale builds up in your shower or sink, it not only looks bad but can do serious damage to your fixtures. It can also be a pain to clean, and popular descaling agents typically use harsh chemicals that harm your eyes and skin.
However, Pure & Gentle offers an alternative lime and scale remover that doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals to break down the build-up. This cleaning product consists of a special blend of plant-based products that naturally remove limescale, iron stains, and hard water spots from your bathroom surfaces, so you can clean without endangering yourself, your family, or your pets.

E-Concentrate All Purpose Cleaner

How many bathroom cleaning products do you currently have in your house? If you have a closet or drawer stuffed with chemical cleaners, consider trading them all out for the E-Concentrate All Purpose Cleaner.
This cleaning agent is made from a highly-concentrated formula that includes natural orange oil, making it highly effective and easy on the environment. It doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds, so you don’t have to worry about using it when you have kids or pets around.
And perhaps the best part is that it replaces up to 20 conventional cleaners, saving you space and money while cutting down on potential chemical hazards in your home.

Eco-Friendly Hand Soap

Do you know what’s in your hand soap? Liquid soaps can contain numerous potentially harmful ingredients, such as propylene glycol, which is also used in industrial antifreeze and can trap toxins in the skin, and formaldehyde, which can weaken your immune system.
Even the fragrances used in soap can be dangerous, because the government doesn’t require manufacturers to include fragrance ingredients, and that sweet smell may actually be made of a combination of thousands of chemicals.
To avoid these ingredients, switch to an eco-friendly hand soap with natural ingredients. Pure & Gentle’s hand soap is dye- and phosphate-free, and it’s enriched with beneficial ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.

E-Concentrate Shampoo

Just like soap, shampoos often contain chemical ingredients that can be harmful, especially if you have sensitive skin. Get rid of hair products that are heavy on the fragrances and synthetic ingredients in favor of a shampoo with safe, natural ingredients.
Pure & Gentle’s E-Concentrate Shampoo uses natural ingredients like soy oil and vitamin E to promote healthy hair while protecting you and the environment. It also comes in a concentrated form that needs to be diluted with water, so you save packaging and space in your bathroom.
There’s never a bad time to freshen up your bathroom with environmentally-friendly products. Check out Pure & Gentle’s selection of soaps and home cleaning products to keep your bathroom clean and your family healthy.

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