Healthy Pets


There is nothing like the love of a pet. Cats, dogs, birds, and even aquatic creatures simply brighten up your home by providing their presence and personality.

Unfortunately, some people have allergies to these beloved creatures. It might be a new roommate or a family member, or it might be you. Regular cleaning just might reduce symptoms of pet allergies in some people. Anti-allergen products are available to cut down on the amount of dander in your home and provide relief from allergy symptoms! Keep your home and your pet clean to reduce some aspects of pet allergies.

Fluffy pets like dogs and cats shed dander. This dander acts similar to dust—it just ends up on everything over time. There are two things you can do to cut down on the amount of dander, and both involve cleaning! Pure and Gentle Soap provides products that deal with both sides of allergy assistance.

For the home, we provide anti-allergen cleaners in 3 varieties. Carpeted homes benefit from our concentrated carpet cleaner. This solution gets deep into your carpet to reduce pet allergy symptoms from dander as well as dust and will leave your carpets smelling great. Our all-purpose cleaner is ideal for the kitchen or for homes without carpeting. Finally, a window cleaner reduces the build up of allergens in your cat’s favorite sunning spot. Use all three as needed to reduce symptoms of pet allergies.

We provide soap for your dog as well! While these shampoos aren’t anti-allergy, weekly pet washing can still help the build-up of dander on your pet’s coat. These shampoos come in a variety of scents that will have your dog smelling great.

To reduce symptoms of pet allergies, simply clean your home and your pet on a regular basis. Pure and Gentle Soap’s anti-allergen cleaning products have the added bonus of eco-friendliness, and we never use animal testing. You can enjoy the adoration of your furry companion even if you live with allergy sufferers!

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