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What makes an eco friendly soap better than your trusted, name brand, and chemical standard? If environmental concern doesn’t play a big factor in your soap choice, these three benefits should make the difference.

The first benefit of eco-friendly soap is found on the ingredients list. Standard soaps contain any number of chemicals that can cause adverse affects for overall health. Some of these detergents make it harder to breathe, while others irritate sensitive skin. Eco friendly soap, on the other hand, does not contain these volatile organics. Non-toxic soaps are far better than the old standards for families with children who help participate in the daily chores. You wouldn’t want the young ones drinking any cleaning products, so why would anyone expose their skin to the same harsh chemicals? Greener products are safer to use in every aspect of cleaning.

Secondly, eco friendly soap works. The organic compounds combat grime and grease more effectively than the unpronounceable alternatives. These soaps might not give you as much foam as the discount dish wash, but they work far better in the end. Eco friendly soap relies on the chemistry of natural ingredients. Additionally, while they still contain acids, these acids are plant-based instead of lab-created. Because of their composition, they target the dirt and oils on equal terms without eroding hard surfaces in the process.

Think of it in terms of a coffee table with an unfortunate water ring. Chemical cleaners represent the belt sander method: removing the finish to remove the stain while damaging the table as a whole. Eco friendly soap follows the more enlightened process of soaking up the liquid before applying mineral oil and wood polish to restore the sheen.

Finally, these soaps cost much, much less. This goes for your wallet and the planet as a whole. Eco friendly soap is usually sold in a concentrated form. This cuts down on packaging waste while saving space. Since the companies involved need not spend possible profit on plastics and storage space, they can charge you less overall. Harder-working, non-toxic, and eco friendly soap belongs in every home. 

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