Healthy Cleaning


Industrial cleaning supplies need to be hard working, but they needn’t contain harsh chemicals. Pure & Gentle’s industrial cleaning supplies get the tough jobs done while maintaining no effects on the environment. The choice of eco-friendly industrial cleaners is a good first step to a greener workspace. Keep your place of work clean and safe from top to bottom with green-friendly solutions from Pure & Gentle.

All-purpose cleaner is probably the most important tool in your arsenal of industrial cleaning supplies. One concentrated bottle of all-purpose cleaner cleans everywhere and anywhere you need it. It effectively cleans all hard surfaces – including floors and worktops. Our all-purpose cleaner contains no volatile chemicals that might harm the environment or your workers. This cleaner contains natural orange oil to deep clean most surfaces while leaving behind a pleasant scent.

Disinfectant is a must-have on a list of industrial cleaning supplies for any business that deals with people on a regular basis. A clean working space is one guaranteed way to cut down on the number of true sick days your staff experiences. San-All disinfectant is EPA registered to eliminate viruses and bacteria around the whole workplace. Our concentrated San-All disinfectant is applied to any surface in your business with an easy to use spray bottle. It works well to kill odors in trash bins, around the complex, and the staff bathroom as well.

Pure & Gentle’s cleaners belong in both your home and your work place. The cleaning needs of these environments might vary, but the quality and effectiveness of our cleaners makes them perfect for industrial environments. Our company seeks to help you keep things clean without damaging the planet. As a bonus, our concentrated products provide the convenience of a well-stocked supply room. Simply dilute them as you need them. Our industrial cleaning supplies help you green up simple tasks around the workplace while you maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Visit our website and browse our wide variety of products that could improve the hygiene and health of your office.

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