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The fine art of gift giving relies partly on inspiration and partly on knowing your subject. Everyone wants to be the person who is renowned for giving the best presents! Eco-friendly gifts allow you to put a little bit of your green-minded personality into choosing the right presents for your loved ones. If you’re not sure what to get someone, look to the classic staples: soap, food, and wine, all of which are appreciated. Below are a few ideas to help you get a head start on your holiday shopping list.

Natural bar soaps make great eco-friendly gifts for those who seem to have everything. Everyone bathes, and everyone appreciates a luxurious soap for his or her hands, face and body. Pure, natural bar soaps scented with lush essential oils can make even mundane hand washing a relaxing experience. Pure and Gentle offers a wide variety of the best bar soaps around so you can match the scent and ingredients to the personality of your recipient. When in doubt, our oatmeal bar soap will provide good skin nourishment without leaving too much scent behind. You can even make up an attractive basket of soaps, shampoos and lotions that fit your green ideals to create a more complete gifting experience.

Pet products are good eco-friendly gifts for people who consider their cat or dog to be a part of the family. Numerous shops sell green pet toys made from recycled materials for all kinds of furry companions. If the recipient is a cat lover, you could give a gag gift of an empty paper bag wrapped in nice paper – cats love empty bags! Dog owners always appreciate pet shampoo and freshener to keep their four-legged friends free of unpleasant aromas, and Pure and Gentle’s shop offers eco-friendly dog shampoo in several scents that are sure to make any dog-owner smile.

New parents always appreciate eco-friendly gifts for their bundles of joy, but they can be tricky to buy for. It’s best to stick to reliable standards and avoid gifting organic baby food. Instead, opt for baby clothes made from sustainable sources, which are readily available at eco-friendly shops in many neighborhoods and on the Internet, or choose gentle baby soaps and lotions. Pure and Gentle’s baby products are formulated specifically for the delicate skin of the newest generation of your family, and we offer them a la carte or in complete packages.

If soaps don’t seem to fit with your idea of the perfect gift but you are still lacking in ideas, go for a true classic: consumables. Organic, locally sourced jams, crackers, and cheeses are likely in abundance at your local grocer’s gourmet section, so when it comes to food, skip the fruitcakes and opt for something pre-packaged and long lasting. Organic spices are fantastic eco-friendly gifts for cooks of all skill sets, or choose whole-wheat crackers and farm-fresh hard cheeses for a gift that is more than the average snack. Pair a few of your personal favorites with a bottle of complimentary wine from an eco-friendly vineyard for a gift basket brimming with green goodies. You can also skip the food and purchase a higher-end Port from a green business. An increasing number of beer breweries and meaderies are becoming more eco-consciousness as well, so pick up a few bottles of something special and wrap them in a recycled gift bag for a truly amazing present.

Get a head start on holiday shopping by checking out eco-friendly gifts for everyone on your list. Pure and Gentle’s shop provides some of them, and you can look to other sources for food and clothing items. We hope this list helps you choose the perfect gifts for those you care about, and we wish you a happy and green holiday season!

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