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A clean dog makes for a happy owner. Avoid the ‘wet dog smell’ with pet cleaning products from Pure and Gentle!

Our dog shampoos provide an eco friendly solution for bath time, and our fresheners keep your pet smelling heavenly between baths. Show your dog and the environment some love with Pure and Gentle’s line of eco friendly pet cleaning products!

Our shampoos are available in a variety of scents to leave your pet smelling great. Our scents are derived from all natural botanicals. Choose from refreshing eucalyptus, lavender, or luxurious coconut vanilla. We also offer a ‘plain jane’ variety if you prefer unscented pet cleaning products. These dog shampoos consist of a double-concentrated formula to make them even more eco friendly by cutting down on packaging wastes. Your pet’s fur will be soft, clean, and easy to pet after a good shampoo.

Bath time doesn’t happen every day. If your pet starts getting a little stinky after a walk or an afternoon at the park, try using an eco friendly dog freshener! Use dog freshener between bath times to keep your furry friend smelling great all the time. Our fresheners are available in the same scents as our shampoos and contain only naturally derived scents for greener pet cleaning products.

Accidents happen, especially with younger pets that are still in training. If your pet has an accident on your furniture or carpet, use eco friendly cleaning products for clean up! Pure and Gentle offers a full line of home cleaning products to help you clean greener.

Pure and Gentle’s pet cleaning products are made in a carbon neutral facility. They are free of phosphates, dyes, and preservatives. This makes them better for dogs as well as the environment. Choose to use eco friendly pet cleaning products and feel good about your beloved friend’s bath time!

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