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Hard water might taste great, but it can be very annoying for housekeeping. Hard water spots mar the appearance of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The water itself seems to consume soap at a rapid pace and can even introduce the new headache of soap scum build up. Water softeners cure most of these ailments, but stains and build up can persist regardless. All natural cleaners can help hard water homeowners keep things shiny and scale-free without causing environmental harm or damaging septic systems. 

How does hard water affect cleaning?

Hard water contains more minerals than soft water. This isn’t necessarily terrible for your drinking water, but it can make cleaning much tougher. Hard water reacts with cleaning supplies in a manner that prevents them from foaming and tends to leave behind a filmy substance. As a result, you need more soap to get the job done. Hard water also produces lime and scale on your home’s surfaces. A build up of these residues can play havoc with your home’s plumbing and water-based appliances. 

What about softeners?

The solution that most homeowners turn to is the installation of a water softener. Most softeners use a form of salt to reduce the effects of the minerals in hard water. This solves the ‘rotten egg smell’ and the difficulty of cleaning tasks. Some people only hook the softeners up to their hot water line for cleaning and bathing purposes, and keep the cold water hard for drinking and cooking. The choice to do so is entirely up to you. Be sure to check with your area’s water department for information on whether your hard water is safe to use without installing a softener to protect your home’s health.  

How can I clean?

All natural cleaners can help. If you have hard water, but not a softener (or one that doesn’t seem to do its job very well), you can still keep your home clean without using a month’s supply of soap within a week. All natural cleaners from Pure & Gentle come in a concentrated form. This means that you can dilute your soap to the power level that works for you. It also means that you use less in the long run. They don’t have the same chemicals as the standard soaps either. Depending on your home’s particular hard water, you may notice less soap scum from all natural cleaners than from the ‘regular’ variety. We provide starter kits of smaller portions as well, so you don’t need to go all-in just to try them out. 

For the stains themselves, try Pure & Gentle’s all natural lime and scale remover. This concentrate is made with naturally occurring acids in place of frightening chemicals to effectively and safely remove hard water spots without exposure to nasty fumes. The all natural cleaners won’t damage your fixtures either. This bottle is a gentle way to keep things looking their best despite the best efforts of the most egg-smelling hard water. 

What about my clothes?

Laundry is another task made more difficult by hard water. The mineral deposits in hard water can deteriorate clothing at a much faster rate. Sometimes, they even discolor lightly colored clothing and whites. This problem has a two-part solution. First, try using a little powdered borax in every load. Boric acid is a naturally occurring mineral that can counteract the effects of hard water. Secondly, switch to all natural cleaners for your laundry detergent. Pure & Gentle’s laundry detergent has the added benefit of being hypo-allergenic to provide further relief for homes with allergy sufferers. You could also use our washing machine deodorizer every once in a while to keep your washer as clean as your freshly washed clothes. 

Are all natural cleaners safe for septics?

Hard water and septic systems tend to come as a package in rural areas. All natural cleaners aren’t only great for the environment at large; they are also better for your personal environment. Pure & Gentle’s full line of all natural cleaners are perfectly safe for homes with septic systems. Whether or not you use a softener, our products are the best choice to preserve the appearance of your home, the health of your family, and the strength of your natural environment.

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