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The right shampoo can make or break a hairstyle. Sure, styling products such as sprays and gels are reliable for special-occasion hair. The day-to-day wash and wear styles need attention of a different type. Simple, natural hair should look good on its own, and healthy hair looks its best without much upkeep beyond the standard shower. Eco friendly shampoo just might be the only ‘styling product’ you need for luxuriously soft and healthy hair from day to day. Best of all, eco friendly shampoo is a great choice for a green lifestyle.

There are so many benefits to choosing eco friendly shampoo. First, these shampoos are better for your skin. They don’t contain chemicals that dry or damage your scalp. Our hypoallergenic formula is perfect for people with skin allergies. Secondly, their natural ingredients are nourishing to all hair types. Honey, vitamin E, and wheat proteins work with hair in its natural state to encourage strong strands that feel soft. Third, the production and packaging are better for the environment. Our concentrated solutions are a breeze to dilute, and they reduce three times as much packaging waste as traditional shampoos. The solutions are themselves naturally derived to reduce chemical output from your daily shower. Finally, your hair will thank you. Give eco-friendly shampoo a chance to see just how wonderful your hair can look and feel when given respite from the abuse of harsh chemicals. You can select from a wide range of scents to suit your preferences or no scent at all! 

Consider making the switch to eco friendly shampoo for healthier hair and a happier environment. Natural ingredients and reduced packaging make eco friendly shampoo the right choice for your hair, skin and carbon footprint. Pure & Gentle’s Econcentrates are more affordable, and more effective, than most salon offerings. Keep your hair squeaky clean, smelling great, and feeling amazingly wonderful by choosing eco friendly shampoo! 

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