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During this busy holiday season, people will constantly be in and out of your house. Since different people are sensitive to different scents, it can be hard to find a scent that will be universally appreciated. Find out why we think you should try our hazelnut coffee hand soap for your bathroom this Thanksgiving.

As seasons change, the right scents can provide a sense of comfort and positivity for visiting family and friends. Thanksgiving is a time of gatherings with friends and family and comes with memories that can last a lifetime. Research has found that smell has strong ties with both memory and emotion. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving or just coming home from a long busy day at work, adding a cozy, inviting scent can make all the difference for both mood and creating positive memories.  The hazelnut coffee soap is an all-natural soap with an aroma that evokes both the holiday spirit and the comfort of a nice warm cup of coffee. Build your holiday memories one scent at a time.

Choosing the Perfect Scent
Hosting Thanksgiving can be a rewarding and exhausting time of year, and choosing the perfect scent for everyone can be a tricky task. If you’ve ever been somewhere where they overdid it on a fragrance, you already know there is a fine line between a pleasant smell and one that is over the top. Often it can be overwhelming when scented sprays are used, and that’s why using more discreet articles like candles, soaps, and detergents can be a better way to keep your home smelling good without giving guests a headache.

Mixing and Matching
Don’t stop with just the bathroom!  If you want to keep your home smelling warm and inviting this holiday season, adding complementing scents throughout your home is key. Carry the cozy scent of the holidays throughout your home by adding scents like lime or sweet amaretto to the mix. Pure & Gentle offers many scents and all-natural products to make your home smell beautiful throughout the entire holiday season.

Eco-Friendly = Everyone Friendly
More and more research continues to be published regarding the benefits of using non-toxic products. Using a green, non-toxic natural soap that is not tested on animals is an excellent way to ensure your family and friends are not exposed to harmful chemicals. Pure & Gentle strives to provide the best eco-friendly, scent friendly soaps and cleaning products that will provide you with peace of mind this holiday season.

Smell Good and Look Good
Not only are Pure & Gentles’ products a great way to keep your home smelling good, but it also will make your skill glow! Made with real hazelnut oil and coffee beans, these soaps will keep your skin soft and looking its very best.

Indulge in the warm, illuminating scent that hazelnut coffee encompasses and keep your bathroom smelling pleasant yet natural all season long.

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