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Natural soaps and shampoos are better for your skin and hair. They contain ingredients that nourish your body without drying it out.

Pure and Gentle’s soaps and shampoos come in a wide variety of scents, allowing you to tailor your own personal fragrance for the ideal bath or shower. Our products also have benefits for the green-conscious bather. Concentrates produce less packaging waste over conventional products, and the way we manufacture keeps the earth soundly in mind. Our ingredients are safer for you and safer for the environment.

Our soaps and shampoos contain only the best naturally derived ingredients. Check the ingredient list for proof! We make our bar soaps from nut oils to nourish your skin as you cleanse away the day’s dirt. Bath and Beauty Bars get their heavenly scents from pure botanicals instead of strange perfume chemicals. To wind down in the tub, try lavender and chamomile. Lemon Verbena is perfect for a more invigorating morning shower. These bars are safe for use on all types of skin and will leave you feeling fresh and clean.

As for shampoos, you will have a hard time finding better than our concentrates. They are available in nearly any scent you could wish for ranging from fruity or earthy.  Our Econcentrate Shampoo is enriched with soy oil and vitamin E to help your hair’s natural luster shine. We also have a salon style shampoo made with honey for those who want to pamper their hair. Both solutions come with two bottles. One large bottle contains the concentrate. The second, smaller bottle is for the diluted product. The small bottle fits easily in any shower and is ready to use as soon as you water it down a bit.

Avoid harsh chemicals while being green with soaps and shampoos from Pure and Gentle! You get better results for your skin and hair when you choose natural, so try natural soaps and shampoos. You’ll never want to go back to chemical laden commercial products! 

Our mission leads the way.