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During the summer months, your skin is put through the ringer. The hot weather means tank tops, shorts and swimsuits, exposing more of your skin to the drying summer sunrays. On top of the sun, dips in chlorine-laden pools and in the salty ocean all can take their toll on your skin. To take care of your skin during the summer, you need a gentle soap that will help moisturize and protect your skin’s natural oils—you need all-natural soap.

Benefits of All-Natural Soap for Summertime Skin
The sun, salt, chlorine and other elements of summer all can dry your skin. Not only does dry skin look ashy and dull, it can begin to age faster than moist, healthy skin. The last thing you need during the summer is to use soaps that can dry your skin. Many commercial soaps can strip your skin of its natural oils and the perfumes and dyes used can cause irritation to skin that is already stressed from the summer elements. All-natural soap is the best solution to protect your skin in summer.

At Pure & Gentle, our all-natural soaps are made with only the finest ingredients, with no dyes, perfumes or other additives that can dry or irritate your skin. To combat the harsh summer elements and to moisturize your skin while keeping it clean and fresh, we use natural plant oils, shea butter and other nutrient-rich ingredients to make our soaps. We recommend to adding the following soaps to your summertime skin regimen:

– Oatmeal Body Bar. Exfoliating is important to remove dry, dead skin and keep a healthy glow, but you don’t want a harsh exfoliator that will irritate your over-exposed summertime skin. Our Oatmeal Body Bar contains natural oatmeal to gently exfoliate and coconut and palm oil to moisturize your skin.
– Glycerin Facial Bar. Your face is exposed all day to the elements and needs a gentle, moisturizing soap with natural ingredients. Our Glycerin Facial Bar is hypo-allergenic, gentle and free of phosphates and dyes. It nourishes your facial skin with olive oil and vitamin E.
– Bath & Beauty Bars. Try one of our many formulas of natural bar soaps that are all dye and phosphate free, with wonderful scents derived from plants. Choose from options such as Strawberry Lemonade, Lemon Verbena and Coconut Verbena. These soaps are filled with moisturizing oils from sunflowers, olives and coconuts and use natural nutrient sources like green tea herb.

Using all-natural soap is a healthy way to care for your skin all year around, but especially beneficial during the summer. Check out the Pure & Gentle line of all-natural body and facial bar soaps for gentle, moisturizing care of your summertime skin.

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