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As we move deeper into the autumn months, the days will cool and the glory days of sweater season will soon be upon us. When it comes time to pack away the summer shorts and swim trunks in favor of cushy sweaters and scarves, give every item in your wardrobe a good wash with natural laundry soap. This mild cleanser is safer for your clothes, your skin, and the environment. 

Natural laundry soap is the ideal choice for items going into and coming out of storage. Unlike standard laundry detergent, it won’t discolor your delicates. This feature is very important for both summer and winter clothing. Your summer wardrobe likely consists of more breezy fabrics that advise the use of your washer’s gentle cycle. A gentle detergent allows you to keep these light fabrics in top condition during their time in the storage crates. As for the fall sweaters, there’s nothing more devastating than pulling your favorite sweater from the wash and finding it ruined. The gentle ingredients of natural laundry soap cleanse without relying on fabric-destroying chemicals.

With regards to environmental impact, natural laundry soap is the clear choice. Our plant-derived formula contains no harmful dyes or phosphates, meaning a reduced carbon footprint from a household running many loads of laundry during the wardrobe change. The solution is also concentrated to save on packaging waste and saves space in a cramped laundry room. Remember to do smaller loads to conserve water and electricity for a truly green laundry experience!

Pure and Gentle Soap’s natural laundry soap is also hypoallergenic. The anti-allergy formula denatures dust, dander and pollen on contact. This makes it perfect for removing that musty storage smell from your sweaters and bedding. It also helps prepare your summer items by removing the pollen of summer flowers before storage. The gentle solution will leave your cozy winter items irresistibly soft after the wash without irritating your skin.

Treat your wardrobe and your skin to the amazing potential of natural laundry soap. 

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