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Hypo allergenic soap for cleaning and bathing provides relief for allergy sufferers of all types. These products are made from gentle, naturally-derived ingredients.

They are mild enough for sensitive skin and safer to breathe in.  No matter your allergy trigger, choose hypo allergenic soap from Pure & Gentle for relief!

The prefix ‘hypo’ simply means ‘less.’ Hypo allergenic soap isn’t guaranteed to eliminate all symptoms of allergies. After all, allergies are triggered by different things for different people. While it isn’t one hundred percent allergy proof, hypo allergenic soap can help you reduce exposure to the ingredients that cause flare ups. No single product will be safe for everyone. Your best defense is to know your own triggers and check ingredient lists before making a purchase. Look for ingredient lists you can recognize to avoid harsh chemicals.

Bathing can be a difficult task for those who suffer from skin allergies. The myriad chemicals included in most soaps and shampoos make it hard to pinpoint which one is causing you to feel itchy instead of refreshed after a shower. If you have sensitive skin, look for hypo allergenic soap that is derived from natural plant ingredients. Simple formulas work best. Using hypo allergenic soap and shampoo helps you feel soft and silky while allowing you to avoid allergy break outs.

Respiratory allergies come in many varieties. Dust and pet dander are two common triggers that can make life more difficult than it should be. Keep your house clean to reduce the amount of dust. Using an anti-allergy cleaner can help further reduce symptoms. Pure & Gentle’s line of anti-allergy cleaners for the home includes a window cleaner as well as an all-purpose variety for hard surfaces. The all-purpose cleaner is even gentle enough to spray directly on pets! For pet allergies, try our anti-allergy carpet cleaner to combat dander.

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