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Back in the sixties, there were only a couple of options consumers had when it came to cleaning products, and they were essentially only distinguishable by the colors on their packaging and the annoying rhymes of their commercials. Most of those brands still exist and remain dominant products in the market, but they’ve never been very earth-friendly. They emerged at a time when throwing garbage beside the highway was as natural as using a turn signal, when a factory’s chemicals got pumped into the ocean, since it was big enough to be unharmed. Old brands may have the same compositions, but as ecological consciousness has changed, so has the availability of all natural cleaning products.

For green-minded citizens, options have finally emerged in selecting more products that work in line with the earth—not opposition to it. People used to have to make their own floor cleaners if they didn’t want to release harmful chemicals into the air. That method took a lot of time (and usually resulted in a home stained with the smell of vinegar). Now cleaning products are produced and marketed by companies that meet the EPA’s standards, with each ingredient carefully selected to reduce as much waste, carbon footprint, and unnatural toxins as possible.

Finding them no longer requires visiting the specialty grocer that smells like a spice you never want to use. Most supermarkets will carry them—sometimes with similar products, sometimes in an organic section of their own. If these can’t be found, many suppliers willingly and easily ship their products from online orders. Either way, the effort is minimal to create a household that strives in its entirety to protect the earth.

Our mission leads the way.