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Even before the Green Revolution took America by storm, architects, engineers, and even everyday design enthusiasts had begun building eco friendly homes. They used recycled materials, innovative energy methods, and a great deal of imagination to construct houses that left a minimal imprint on the earth. Today, building eco friendly homes is a specialty of hundreds of contractors, but these men and women are following in the footsteps of a creative, eco-minded group of individuals. Their inventive ideas have changed a lot of modern architecture, and they continue to build, tinker, and discover new ways to make the world a better place.

The Low Impact Woodland Home (source:

In 2011, photos of this Hobbit-like home began popping up all over the Internet. Bloggers weren’t just interested in the fairy tale design; the actual construction of the house was most captivating. A Welsh man and his father-in-law built the structure, using only recycled or locally sourced materials. They created it like a hill so that it had a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Because most of the materials were all gathered or second-hand, the entire project cost less than $5,000, proving once again eco friendly homes aren’t just better for the planet; they can be better for your wallet too.

LivingHomes (Source:
LivingHomes is the IKEA of environmental household architecture. Using a highly skilled team of engineers, the company has developed a small catalog of modular homes available for people to browse through and purchase. Their homes allow no customization because they’ve been specifically designed to use eco friendly materials and leave a minimal impact on the earth. LivingHomes has its own factories where all the components for their various homes are produced—not at all unlike the Swedish furniture giant. Being modern and beautiful, the homes seem unique enough without adjustments and modifications. They’re installed quickly and efficiently, and they were the first homes in America to receive the LEED Platinum certification.

Eliphante (source:
One of the oldest eco friendly homes in the modern age, Eliphante has grown from an eco friendly house into a prominent Arizona tourist destination. Created by an artist community, the entire home was built with recycled materials over a span of three decades. Today, it isn’t used as a residence but instead stands as testament of a commitment to the earth. It’s part of a three-acre installation of other pieces of art, all from recycled materials and all proving the beauty of this planet.

These eco friendly homes are certainly dramatic structures that not many homeowners can replicate, but elements of their design are adaptable for even the most suburban settings. Instead of spending thousands on new cabinets, vintage pieces can be recycled to save money and the earth’s resources. Instead of a tree house for the kids, something more unique like the Woodland home can be created that harmonizes better with the environment. These innovative designs aren’t replicable on a large scale, but any innovation eventually becomes commonplace.

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