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Lavender is almost everywhere. Just about any hotel conditioner and shampoo will have it as an ingredient, and no lotion seems legitimate unless extract from the purple flower is mentioned on the label. There’s a reason the flower has become so popular, though; the oils in lavender bar soap have proven health benefits and a history of cleansing. More than just a fragrance, lavender oil cleans, soothes, and even heals those who use it, which explains its presence in so many products.

For skin care, lavender bar soap has proven to be an effective treatment for acne, wrinkles, and psoriasis. It has a number of antiseptic and antifungal properties that can combat infection and reduce inflammation. Its ability to aid the formation of scar tissue also makes it a healing substance for burns, cuts, and sunburns. And while it has very little sway against the disease on its own, when combined as a compliment to chamomile, lavender can be used to fight eczema.

The essential oils of the flower also have insecticidal elements. Some campers use lavender bar soap to repel mosquitoes while camping, and a lot of commercial repellants use lavender as one of their primary ingredients. Parents sometimes apply the oils in lieu of shampoo if their children’s school has a lice outbreak, because it can destroy the eggs and nits. OB/GYN doctors recommend that their patients stay away from lavender and other essential oils, but for non-pregnant people, it can be a nourishing and cleansing natural supplement.

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