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The household cleaning products and soaps that are advertised to help disinfect your home may actually contain toxic chemicals. One of the most used chemicals for disinfectant is chlorine, found in many products from dish soap to laundry detergents and bleach. Constant exposure to the chlorine and other chemicals can be harmful, especially to those with medical conditions. Replacing these products with pure, natural cleaning products and soaps is the best way to protect your family from the harmful effects of chlorine.

Dangers of Chlorinated Cleaning Products
Chlorine is used in many household cleaners as a disinfectant and bleaching agent. It is listed as chlorine or by other names such as sodium hypochlorite or just hypochlorite. While very common, it is a dangerous chemical that can build up in the body to toxic levels through contact with the skin or from inhalation. Some of the products that contain chlorine include:

– Automatic dishwasher detergents
– Toilet bowl cleaners
– Laundry soaps
– Bleach
– All-purpose, kitchen and bathroom surface cleaning products

Chlorine toxicity can occur from daily exposure to this chemical, whether it is through the skin or inhaled. Since many of these products are used with hot water, the chlorine can become airborne in the steam released. This allows those in the home to breathe in toxic chorine right into their lungs and body every time you do a load of laundry or dishes. Chlorine is especially harmful to those with respiratory or heart conditions, plus it can be extremely toxic when combined with other cleaning chemicals. It has also been linked to various forms of cancer.

Choosing Natural, Chlorine-Free Products
The danger of chlorine toxicity is just one of the many reasons to choose natural cleaning products and soaps for your home. If you can achieve the same level of cleanliness without using toxic chemicals like chlorine, why would you risk exposing your family to these toxins?

Our Pure & Gentle household cleaners and soaps are all free of chlorine and phosphates, while still giving you the benefit of a clean, disinfected home. Some of the many all-natural and chlorine-free products we offer include:

– Econcentrate Liquid Dish Soap
– Econcentrate Auto Dishwasher Gel
– Econcentrate All-Purpose Cleaner
 Econcentrate Liquid Laundry Soap

Not only are chlorine-free cleaning products healthier for your family, they are also safe for septic systems. Chlorine can kill the bacteria needed to breakdown solid waste in your septic tank. This can harm the chemical balance of your septic system, costing you more money in maintenance and more frequent tank pumping.

Rid your home of chemical-laden cleaning products and make the move to all-natural alternatives. All our products at Pure & Gentle use only natural agents to keep your home and family clean, without the use of harmful chlorine or phosphates. We also offer a full line of natural soaps, shampoos and pet products that are safe and effective for all your personal cleaning needs.

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