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Most people have used powdered laundry detergents at one time or another, and plenty of people still do.

Consumers don’t always consider environmentally friendly detergent. This may be because they don’t realize the impact that their current detergent is having on the world around them. Detergent is defined as a powdered soap to which various chemical compounds and solvents are added to combat hard water. While this may seem harmless enough, laundry detergents affect the environment in a number of ways, which makes an environmentally friendly detergent the better choice.

Detergents are notoriously slow to biodegrade. Powdered laundry detergents contain up to 50% sodium triphosphates. Phosphates in laundry detergents eventually find their way into your local ecosystem. In addition to chemical solvent contamination, phosphates also cause runaway growth of algae that then stifle indigenous plant and fish populations. Phosphates from laundry detergents are such a problem that Italy has banned them outright with the rest of Europe following suit by next year. Considering the effects of laundry detergent on the environment, switching to an environmentally friendly detergent feels like a no-brainer.

Switching to an environmentally friendly detergent is an easy transition. Start by forgetting all about powdered detergents and look into liquids. Liquids are less likely to contain fillers, and manufacturers don’t have to add chemicals to ensure that the product breaks down in the water. Environmentally friendly detergent should be highly concentrated. Concentrated laundry soaps will save space, reduce the amount of packaging required, and offer flexibility in how much cleaning power is needed in a given load. Ensure that your environmentally friendly liquid laundry soap is biodegradable, non-toxic, and septic-system safe.

Look for reputable brands that offer their own line of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Protecting the environment feels so good; you’ll probably want to make sure you’re doing it all the time. Your local ecosystem, and your laundry, will thank you. Check out our website at for our lineup of environmentally friendly products.

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