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Looking for something you can do to make your home greener? Take a look under the sink! Replacing your traditional cleaning products with eco friendly soap is a great way to reduce waste.

Eco friendly products are also safer to use in homes with children and pets. Pure and Gentle sells eco friendly soaps for cleaning throughout your home. These products are free of harsh chemicals, making them safer for use and safer for the planet.  Whether doing dishes or cleaning the shower, choose eco friendly soap for great results and a greener home! Here’s some information on greener cleaners, and where you can use them around your house.


An all-purpose cleaner replaces multiple cleaning products. This reduces under the sink clutter and simplifies cleaning up. This variety of eco friendly soap replaces roughly 20 other conventional cleaning products, cutting down packaging waste. Our formulas are phosphate and dye free and contain no volatile chemicals that could harm the environment. Our solutions are also gentle enough to use in homes with children or pets, making them the perfect choice for cleaning anywhere in or around your home.


Eliminate bacteria in the kitchen or bathroom to cut down on sick time by using a disinfectant. Protect the environment by choosing an eco friendly one! Most of the disinfectants at the grocery store contain some pretty nasty chemicals. Such chemicals pose a danger not only to the planet, but also possibly to your health. Pure and Gentle’s SanAll disinfectant is formulated from natural ingredients, making it the perfect eco friendly soap for any area in your house in need of disinfectant.


Whether you do your dishes by hand or let a machine do the hard work, choose an eco friendly soap! Our dish liquids are free of bleach, dyes, and harmful chemicals. They are concentrated to cut down packaging wastes. It only takes a teaspoon to clear away grease! Our hypoallergenic dish liquid is ideal for hand washing pots and pans. Crystal Clear Gel for the dishwasher takes care of food debris and leaves your dishes sparkling. Also, both varieties of dishwashing soaps are safe for septic systems and non-toxic.


Wash your clothes with an eco friendly soap and avoid harsh chemicals. Our hypoallergenic formula will leave your clothes soft and smelling great, without the use of harmful chemicals. It is designed to remove allergens from your clothing as well, making it perfect for use in homes with allergy sufferers. The solution is also safe for septic systems. Our concentrated solution comes in a biodegradable container for further eco friendliness.


Instead of reaching for the ammonia-filled spray, shine your mirrors and faucets with an eco friendly alternative. You can use an all-purpose cleaner for the toilet and countertop, and disinfect as you clean with an eco friendly disinfectant. For the shower or tub, we offer a lime and scale remover to freshen up tile without using harsher chemicals. Our plant-derived products will leave your bathroom sparkling clean. Keeping a bar of eco friendly soap near the washstand allows you and your family to wash your hands without harming the planet. Our bar soaps are available in a myriad of heavenly scents and are actually better for your skin than traditional hand wash gels.

No matter what cleaning you need to do, Pure and Gentle has an eco friendly soap to get the job done. Replace your conventional cleaners with eco friendly varieties. Most of our soaps are highly concentrated. This makes them greener by reducing packaging waste. The solutions themselves are simply better for you, your family, and the environment. You’ll get to free your home from harmful chemicals while taking a step towards becoming greener.

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