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Whether you have a shiny new front loader or an ancient shaky washer, the task of achieving clean clothes can be made greener with just a few simple changes. Cold water, eco laundry detergent, and a clothesline are three wonderful ways to easily change the way you do laundry. Not all homes get to choose their washing equipment, but every one has the potential to make laundry fall in line with an eco friendly lifestyle.

Most of the energy consumption associated with cleaning clothes comes from heating the water up. Cold water effectively cleans most of your wardrobe. Whites don’t always need hot water. Save the hot setting for the times when your whites start looking a little dingy. If you’ve only worn it once or twice, it probably doesn’t require hot water. Switching to cold water for laundry also saves you money by reducing the amount of energy your household consumes for this basic task. Full loads in place of partial ones conserve water while lessening your water bill.

Switching to eco laundry detergent is vital for a greener laundry room. Eco laundry detergent works better than most standard varieties as well! It’s gentle on your delicates, great for colors, and tough on stains without causing damage to the fabric or your lungs. Pure & Gentle’s eco laundry detergent is also hypoallergenic. This quality makes it ideal for households with allergies. The concentrated formula reduces waste output from your home while allowing you to use only as much as you need for each load.

Line drying is another great eco friendly tip for those who wish to respect the environment while having clean, fresh clothing. If possible, set up a laundry line in your backyard. All you need are two poles, a length of rope, and a sunny spot. Line-dried clothing lasts longer and smells fresher than clothes from the dryer. If it’s just not possible for your household to line-dry outdoors, consider rigging something up for line-drying indoors. An adjustable shower dowel works beautifully. You can take it down when the clothes have dried to conserve space in a smaller apartment.

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