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Sensitive skin types and allergy sufferers aren’t the only groups of people who should have concerns about the contents of their cleaning supplies. Everyone who cleans comes into contact with the ingredients of a cleaning solution one way or another.

Non-toxic cleaning products are better for your health and the health of the planet. While a cleaning product may be non-toxic, it still may not be the best environmental choice. Choose naturally derived and plant-based supplies to protect the planet while you make your home beautiful. Replace the traditional cleaners with non-toxic cleaning supplies for a more effective, safer, and greener cleaning cupboard.

Non-toxic cleaning supplies are safer to use for your skin and our lungs. Any cleaning job will cause you to inhale a little bit of the cleaning solution. Even if you wear gloves, splashes are simply unavoidable. Non-toxic cleaning supplies are the only solution for people who don’t want to suit up just to take care of a daily task. These cleaners lessen irritation and exposure to chemicals for inside and out. This is especially important when it comes to laundry. The most thorough rinse cycle still leaves a little soap residue behind. Non-toxic laundry detergent is simply a household necessity.

Non-toxic cleaning supplies are much less stressful for the environment than their counterparts. Pure & Gentle’s production processes seek to minimize the impact from production to the completion of your cleaning task. Our solutions are free of bleaches, ammonia, and other volatile chemicals you don’t want in your home or water supply. Non-toxic cleaning supplies are also safe for homes that use septic systems.

Naturally-derived ingredients are simply the best choice for any home. Pure & Gentle’s non-toxic cleaning products are made with environmental and health concerns firmly in mind. For any chore that needs to be done – from the dishes to the laundry – choose naturally derived and non-toxic cleaning supplies to get it done safely! Pure & Gentle can help you with your safety and eco friendly efforts. Visit our website to explore all of our eco friendly products.

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