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Bathrooms seem to get dirty faster than any other household area. The weekly chore of cleaning the bathroom is often the least favored duty of families and roommates alike.

However, the alternative of an unsanitary bathroom is worse than the chore of regular maintenance. Pure & Gentle’s green home cleaning products make the process of bathroom cleaning a little easier. Combination products, such as all-purpose cleaner, reduce the amount of cleaning supplies you need to get the job done.

All-purpose cleaner is your best defense against a dirty bathroom. It replaces conventional cleaners and allows you to use one simple product for most cleaning needs. The concentrated solution may be diluted in a spray bottle for convenient application to the sink, shower, and toilet. Whether you have tile or vinyl, our eco-friendly formula does an amazing job on bathroom floors.

An eco-friendly disinfectant is another tool for your bathroom cleaning arsenal. Some areas of the bathroom, like the toilet and sink, have the potential to be feeding grounds for any number of bacteria. Disinfectant kills bacteria while eliminating odors to leave your bathroom safe, healthy, and smelling fresh.

Lime and scale build up can occur on any bathroom fixture if your house has hard water. This can appear as either an orange film or a white coating with a chalky texture. Hard water stains and scale can be tricky to remove with an all-purpose cleaner. Our line of green home cleaning products includes a lime and scale remover that is gentle enough to use on fixtures as well as pipes. The phosphate and dye-free solution is safe for use in homes with septic systems.

Our green home cleaning products are effective enough to reduce the time required of whoever is on bathroom duty.  They also help you reduce the environmental impact produced by many commercially available cleaners. Keep your bathroom clean, shiny, and smelling great while being green!

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