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When you have the whole family around, it’s important that you make sure your home is clean and hypoallergenic. Don’t want to risk an allergy attack while they are visiting!

Kitchen Prep and Cleaning 101
After you’ve gone through the basic Thanksgiving pre-holiday prep, you will know how many guests you will be accommodating and how much food to prepare. But as the big day approaches, preparing your kitchen and the rest of your home is essential for a stress-free holiday gathering. Do a walk-through of your home the week prior to your holiday gathering and pinpoint areas that need extra love. If anything needs fixing such as light bulb changes, ill-shutting doors or the bathroom needs caulking, make sure to keep a check list of what needs to be done before the guests arrive. Before you begin your Thanksgiving feast prep, make sure to clean your kitchen with hypoallergenic cleaning products to guarantee all of your guests are comfortable and not exposed to harmful chemicals. Once you have a sparkling clean kitchen to work with, organizing the pantry for the big day can save you both time and reduce the stress of holiday cooking.

Why Choosing the Right Products are Essential
If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year you already know that the details are key to making turkey day stress free. With so many things to coordinate and cook, it can be easy to forget that not everyone enjoys the same scents as you do. This means choosing a scent that is universally pleasing to everyone is essential to a successful holiday gathering. Additionally, toxic chemicals in traditional soaps and cleaning products can irritate or even cause an allergy attack. If you plan on decorating for the holiday, finding coordinating scents is the perfect way to invoke a sense of comfort.  As you prepare your home for the holiday season choosing the right products to both provide fragrance and cleanliness are crucial to everyone’s wellbeing. Be detail driven this holiday season and leave nothing to chance by providing a clean, eco-friendly home for your guests.

Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday
Using the wrong cleaning products can quickly trigger an allergy in some people. Don’t risk one of your guests feeling miserable or dealing with allergy issues during a get together. In some cases, traditional or chemical laden soaps and cleaning products can make people ill that are sensitive to certain ingredients like dye and perfumes. Whether you need eco-friendly, all natural products or just want to use hypoallergenic products, Pure & Gentle can keep your holiday cleaning checklist sparkling. From gorgeous scents such as lemon verbena to sandalwood mint for the bathroom to Ecoconcentrate All Purpose Cleaners for the kitchen, using non-toxic, natural products in your home this holiday season will keep all of your guests hoping that you’re hosting Christmas as well.

Keeping details in check and knowing how to plan is essential for making your Thanksgiving holiday grand. If you want eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions keep Pure & Gentle on your holiday checklist.

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