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Whether you like the convenience of a bar or the lather of a gel, Pure & Gentle has the best natural soap for any bathing preference.

The bar vs. gel debate can get pretty heated, but both varieties of soaps can be good for skin. The key is to look for soap with natural ingredients that you can easily recognize. Natural ingredients don’t dry your skin out. They nourish as they cleanse to leave your skin feeling soft after a shower or bath.

Pure & Gentle has the best natural soap for people who prefer bars over gels. Those with sensitive skin may want to try our hypoallergenic glycerin facial bar. Glycerin is a mild natural cleanser that nourishes skin without causing irritation. An unscented version is available for people who are more sensitive to fragrances. Oatmeal bar soap is ideal for those in search of an exfoliation treatment. Oatmeal is a healing ingredient that helps revitalize dry or flaking skin. Our oatmeal soap also contains coconut and palm oils to moisturize as you exfoliate. If you like to add a bit of luxury to your bathing experience, try our Bath and Beauty Bars! These bar soaps are scented with a variety of healing botanicals for all skin types. The natural ingredients in these bar soaps cleanse and moisturize, while the natural scents add aromatherapy benefits to your daily ritual. Our line of bar soaps is packaged with eco friendly materials.

Some people prefer a shower gel over a bar. Our body shampoo is the best natural soap for those who love the feeling of a rich lather. It contains arnica and vitamin E to heal skin and keep it soft after the shower. The concentrated solution also saves room in a crowded bathroom while reducing packaging waste.

Whether you prefer bar or gel, choose from our wide varieties of scents and get clean naturally with the best natural soap!

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