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An effective list of cleaning products need not be heavy on the chemicals or too expensive. Starting out with a simple list of cleaning products renders the process of keeping a clean home easier from the start. Green products are the natural choice, and are often less expensive as well. Here is a list of cleaning products that every home should have. It’s not as complicated as it may seem to establish an eco friendly cleaning arsenal.

All Purpose Cleaner

Every task around the home doesn’t need to require its own list of cleaning products. All-purpose cleaner is the most important tool you can have at hand for both every day clean-up and large-scale jobs. This type of cleaner significantly reduces the list of cleaning products you need for specific tasks. Concentrated all-purpose cleaner can replace up to 80 job-specific cleaners around the home. All-purpose cleaner is ideal for just about everything – from cleaning out cupboards to shining up the bathroom sink to wiping down car interiors. One bottle of all-purpose cleaner is effectively its own list of cleaning supplies! Of course, there are a few tasks that require their own soap. Along with a bottle of all purpose cleaner, these simple formulas will help you round out your cleaning cupboard for nearly every task.

Dishwashing Solution
Dishwashing is one area where a specified cleaner is preferred. Dish soap needs to be mild enough not to taint your food, yet effective enough to cleanse the surfaces of your cookware, flatware, and dishes. All natural dish soap is even better than the standard variety due to its lack of harsher chemicals. This soap also works wonders when used as a spot-cleaner for upholstery and as a non-chemical solution for clean kitchen countertops.

Laundry Detergent

The laundry room is another area in need of its own list of cleaning products. Laundry detergent seeks to provide your home with soft, clean fabrics that smell fresh and feel great against your skin. Eco friendly varieties are even better at the task of cleansing fabrics without causing damage. Pure & Gentle’s eco friendly formula offers an added benefit for houses prone to allergies. Our laundry detergent neutralizes allergens on contact for truly fresh fabrics. This quality makes our laundry detergent a must on any list of cleaning products for homes with sensitive skin-types.

Glass Cleaner
From mirrors to windows, sparkling glass makes a home look and feel cleaner. Ammonia, while effective, is not the answer for those seeking a greener list of cleaning products. An anti-allergy window cleaner removes dust and buildup from the shinier surfaces within your home while preventing their build-up over time. Use this same solution to brighten up metal surfaces such as faucets or metal sinks for a truly clean appearance that shows attention to detail!


Some form of a disinfectant cleanser is necessary along with all the other products needed for a well-rounded list of cleaning supplies. Disinfectants eliminate the harmful bacteria and viruses that are part of daily life. They are also vital for odor-prevention in garbage pails and bathrooms. Natural ingredients and EPA registration make Pure & Gentle’s disinfectant a smart choice for both the environment and your family’s health. 

We’ve narrowed it down to five essential cleaning supplies, but more may be needed depending on your home’s individual needs. Try to keep your list of cleaning products well-stocked and eco friendly for a safer home that’s in line with a greener lifestyle. Pure & Gentle offers safe, natural supplies for every task. Each product is made from naturally derived ingredients in a carbon-neutral facility. These cleaning products are better for both the environment and the health of your home.

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