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The big difference between organic bar soaps and detergents is that soaps are produced from natural products, and detergents are man-made, or synthetic. Organic soap is made by using a high pressure steam to reduce organic fats and oils to fatty acids and glycerine. These fatty acids then mix with sodium to create soap and water.

Although the manufacturing process for detergents is similar, and results in a nearly identical product (sodium salt), the ingredients used to create a detergent are very different. These include the compound propylene, CH3-CH=CH2 and sodium hydroxide. Because soap is a milder, more natural product, it is generally used on the face and body, and detergent is used to wash clothes. Detergents contain phosphates and other polluting chemicals, to counteract the issue of hard water. This process makes detergent a more expensive product than soap (another good reason to use soap).

Bar soaps (particularly organic ones) are far less harmful to the human skin and the environment than detergents. Soaps are completely biodegradable and do not cause pollution in fresh water areas.

For a truly gentle organic soap try our hypo-allergenic Glycerin Facial Bar Soap, which is formulated with natural ingredients and is mild enough for even a baby’s delicate skin. Free from dye, nitrates and phosphates, it is enriched with arnica and almond oils and will give you wonderfully soft, nourished skin. Use it on your face and body for overall gentle cleansing. Packaged in eco-friendly materials, this product will help you to reduce your impact on the environment.

An alternative bar soap that is equally eco-friendly and gentle is our Pure & Gentle Oatmeal Bar Soap, which is formulated with natural oatmeal and coconut oil, and enriched with palm oil. Use it on your face and body for a natural exfoliation that will get rid of bacteria, excess oils and dead cells and leave your skin soft and glowing.

Take your skin care routine back to basics with an organic soap and keep toxic chemicals away from your body.

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