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Frequent hand washing is vital for your overall health. The process eliminates germs and viruses that you can pick up by touching all kinds of surfaces. The hand soap you use doesn’t need to be antibacterial in order to provide the benefits of this process, however, and it also doesn’t have to dry out your skin or give you that unpleasant ‘dish pan hands’ feeling. Natural hand soap works just as well as, if not better than, traditional hand soap, and won’t leave your hands looking or feeling dry. Make the switch to natural hand soap for soft, clean hands no matter how many times you need to wash up during the course of the day. Check out the ingredients discussed below to find out for yourself!

Glycerin and Vitamin E form the nourishing backbone of our natural hand soap. Vitamin E oil nourishes skin without leaving a greasy feel behind, and has long been used in anti-aging treatments for its ability to permeate the top skin layer to promote moisture retention. Glycerin works in much the same way by attracting water and helping your skin maintain its natural moisture balance. It is also a natural moisturizer and is frequently prescribed as a treatment for dry skin. The healing properties of Aloe Vera add another desirable ingredient to our natural hand soap, because aloe soothes dry, cracked skin while promoting the healing process, and also has natural antiseptic properties that make it highly effective for getting your hands truly clean.

All of Pure and Gentle’s ingredients are plant-derived to ensure a hypoallergenic and natural hand soap perfect for frequent use. Once diluted, our concentrated formula will nourish your skin as you wash away the dirt of the day’s activities. Our soaps come in an astounding number of scents as well, so pick up some of our natural hand soap today and enjoy a product that smells great and doesn’t send you running for the lotion bottle!

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