Healthy Cleaning


Even the simplest task of washing your dishes after a meal can have an impact on the environment. Using conventional detergent, which typically contains industrial-strength chemicals, can also affect the health of you and others in your home. Here are 6 good reasons to use green cleaning products in your home:

  • ‘Green’ or eco-friendly detergent is free from dyes, meaning it is gentle on your skin and poses less risk of allergic reactions and irritating skin conditions. Conventional detergents are often actually green in color (ironically, a color many people associate with nature and purity) which is due to the dye they contain. There is ongoing research into a possible link between neurotoxic dyes and behavioral problems in children. It’s important to recognize the difference between green color and green energy!
  • Eco-friendly detergent is fragrance-free. The “clean” fragrance of regular detergents is synthetic and formulated from hundreds of petroleum products. These are known to cause a number of health complaints, including triggering asthma. Whenever you wash your dishes in conventional detergent, you are breathing in the fumes from the scent. The air in your kitchen will be affected, meaning others in your family, children and pets will also be inhaling synthetic fragrances.
  • Dyes, nitrates and phosphates, which are common in regular dishwashing detergent, end up in waste water streams.
  • The packaging on green detergent is more likely to be recycled, or at least recyclable. This reduces the impact on the planet and saves natural resources.
  • Many people think that green products will be more expensive than conventional ones, but this is not always the case. Companies are responding to the increasing demand for eco-friendly household cleaners, and making their prices more competitive. Often green cleaning supplies can be purchased in concentrated form, meaning it’ll last for a long time. Remember that a little can go a long way; many people are guilty of using far too much cleaning product, whether it is green or not.
  • Switching to a green dishwashing detergent can be the first step toward a greener way of life. Everyone has to start somewhere, and if everyone made these small changes in their daily routine, the effect on the planet would be significant.

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