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When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness it is important to give the same care to our furry friends that we afford ourselves.  Common dog shampoos can be filled with chemicals that can have negative side effects for your puppy. Choosing organic eco-friendly shampoos can ensure a healthy and happier life for your dog.

Chemicals Can Cause Allergic Reactions
The chemicals added to traditional pet shampoos are not only harmful to your pets, but they are also bad for the environment.  Another downside is the chemicals in dog shampoo can cause serious allergic reactions in animals. Not all eco-friendly pet shampoos are created equal. For a safe, non-toxic solution to traditional pet shampoos, try Pure & Gentle’s Lavender Dog Shampoo. Made from premium, organic ingredients with a blend of fresh botanicals, they are dye, preservative and phosphate-free, keeping your furry friend both clean and safe.

As more research becomes available about the harmful effects carcinogens have on our health and planet, they have also realized that carcinogens can cause cancer in pets. The most well-known carcinogens are dyes included in products. FD&C Red Dye #40, D&C (a chemical used by physicians to complete the miscarriage process), and Yellow 5 are common carcinogens included in pet shampoo to provide coloring. Another culprit for cancer causing chemicals is Cocomide DEA. Cocomide diethanolamine is the mixture of fatty acids with diethanolamine which is added to cleaning products to get the foamy effect in shampoos.  These coconut derivatives are commonly used to give the illusion that you are using a safe, natural pet shampoo. The actual side effects of these harmful chemical additives are thyroid disruption and hormone issues. It can also be toxic to your pet’s internal organs.

No Conditioners
Even if your pet has long hair, the need for conditioner is unnecessary. Conditioners are meant to replace oils that are washed away after shampooing. These natural oils are stripped away with traditional, chemical-laden pet shampoos, leaving your pet susceptible to skin conditions.  Conditioners can stick to your dog’s skin, actually preventing their natural oil production that is vital to their health. Moreover, the harsh chemicals in conditioner can be absorbed through the skin. Skip the conditioner and try a more natural non-toxic shampoo only. If you are hoping to get that fresh smell that conditioners provide, try Pure & Gentle’s Coconut Dog Freshener featuring premium, organic ingredients with a blend of botanical oils. 

Did you know that the lather agent in shampoos is an additive? As it turns out, not only are these added chemicals that produce the popular foamy effect in shampoos harmful for humans, they are also harmful for your pets as well. The chemicals added are often sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium laueth sulfate. This mixture of chemicals can cause serious skin irritation, especially to our furry friends. Additionally, the traditional chemical process includes a harmful affect when processed, producing 14-dioxide, which is extremely toxic. Because this is only a bi-product of the production process, the FDA does not require manufacturers to list it as an ingredient.  All Pure & Gentle’s dog shampoos are detergent free. Each product is made in a carbon neutral facility committed to clean pets and a clean environment.

Sensitive Skin Solutions
If you have a dog with overly sensitive skin, using harsh chemicals to clean them is not an option. Moreover, some pets may be sensitive to smells as well. For a safe, non-toxic alternative to pet traditional pet shampoos that forgoes the scent, try Pure & Gentles Scent-Free Dog Shampoo. Fragrance-free for an extra-sensitive pet, this blend is made from premium organic ingredients. Dye-free, preservatives and phosphates are never used in our pet-friendly products.

Give your furry friends the best, natural care with Pure & Gentle pet care products. Check out our entire line of pet products to protect your dog from unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals.

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