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Our Juniper Berry beauty bar is the best bar soap for bumpy winter skin. The natural ingredients soothe common skin complaints associated with dry skin, and they also provide powerful anti-aging benefits. The clean and woodsy scent will fill your bathroom with the relaxing calm of nature as the plant-based oils provide essential moisture for your skin.

The herbs and berries from juniper bushes have been used since ancient times for both medicinal and spiritual cleansing purposes. The dried juniper leaf was a prized ingredient of purifying incense used to ward off negativity, while oil from the leaves and berries was taken internally as a treatment for maladies ranging from arthritis to the common cold. Today, juniper is still used to treat urinary tract infections, gout, and sore muscles and tendons.

Our best bar soap with juniper focuses on the skincare applications of this pure ingredient. Juniper treats psoriasis and acne, soothes aching joints, nourishes cracks, and helps to prevent wrinkling. It can also provide relief for the rashes and puffy skin that sometimes accompany dry skin conditions, while a few flakes from the plant itself provide gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells and rejuvenate the surface of your skin.

Skin-clearing mulberry oil assists the time-tested juniper herb to create the best bar soap for rough, dry skin. Mulberry oil softens scaly patches around knees and elbows and helps to eliminate irritating bumps through the use of powerful antioxidants. It also helps to brighten the appearance of dull skin without leaving a layer of grease in its wake.

In addition to juniper berry and mulberry oil, this beauty bar also contains olive, canola, sunflower, palm, and coconut oils, and when combined together, these plant-derived ingredients help you achieve glowing skin without the shine. Pick up a bar to experience a calming shower and softer skin.

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