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Finding the right shampoo can prove a difficult and sometimes confusing task. If you haven’t given eco friendly shampoo a chance, you might be in for a wonderful surprise. Along with being better for the environment, eco friendly shampoo cleanses and nourishes any type of hair. The ingredients are simple yet effective. Whether you need to tame some frizz or just keep it sleek, eco friendly shampoo can help. Eco friendly shampoo uses nourishing natural elements in place of possibly damaging chemicals to leave your hair feeling soft, looking great, and smelling fresh.

Most commercial shampoo manufacturers gear advertisement toward specific hair types, lining the shelves with an astounding number of serums that may or may not work for you. These concoctions also tend to include a rather impressive amount of chemicals that aren’t healthy for your scalp, skin, or the environment. Furthermore, the ingredients listed on these bottles are often the same regardless of the promised help for a hair type. An ideal shampoo seeks to cleanse the day’s build up of oils and environmental stresses while conditioning for a smoother feel after the shower. Unless you are targeting a specific problem (like dandruff) or springing for the crazy expensive stuff, most shampoos do the job just fine. Eco friendly shampoo can produce the same effects as the mainstream shampoos while remaining safer for the planet.

The nourishing ingredients of our eco friendly shampoo include honey, vitamin E, wheat protein, and soy oil. These ingredients are fairly universal for use on all hair types and are safe for daily cleansing. Each has its own unique benefit for luxuriously soft and clean hair. Honey isn’t just for tea. It possesses properties that make it perfect for hair care. Honey’s anti-microbial aspect makes it a great cleanser; it also conditions, adds shine, and assists with hair growth. Vitamin E is a natural conditioner known to help with split ends; it is ideal for restoring moisture to damaged or dry hair, and it is commonly found in deep-conditioning treatments for frizzy hair. Wheat protein helps keep hair strong and prevents breakage, by penetrating the strands and increasing their integrity. Hair is made mostly of protein, and providing a little absorbable protein to your hair regimen can help it stay healthy and manageable.

Pure & Gentle’s eco friendly shampoo is further enriched with soy oil. Soy oil helps your hair maintain the appropriate balance of lipids for a soft feel and a shiny appearance. Unlike other oils, soy oil doesn’t produce a greasy feel after the shower. Like honey, soy oil assists with hair growth in a natural fashion as opposed to a chemical alternative. Together, these pure ingredients seek to nourish your hair and scalp. Our solution is also hypo allergenic, making it the perfect choice for the allergy-prone.

Ingredients certainly matter when it comes to results, but they are absolutely significant regarding environmental concerns. Eco friendly shampoo is better for the environment than the standard stuff for a few reasons. First, the processing practices are greener. Pure & Gentle uses a carbon-neutral facility that focuses on minimizing pollution. Reduced and recycled packaging reduces strain by reducing waste. Concentrated solutions require less material and thus less impact when discarded. Secondly, the wastewater from your shower is non-toxic to prevent any harm from runoff or spending some time in a septic system.

Eco friendly shampoo achieves this goal for all hair types without requiring a degree in chemistry to decipher the label. Pure & Gentle’s shampoos also come in a wide array of scents to allow individual customization of your daily shower. Choose from salon-style or E-concentrate, and pick your preferred scent. Choose Pure & Gentle, to achieve the perfect hair while making your morning routine a little greener.

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