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Deciding to implement more eco friendly practices in day-to-day life often raises the problem of where to start. Maybe canvas grocery bags or simply turning some lights off at home formed your first step on the road to a greener lifestyle. Simple acts of care for the planet compound until you find yourself living better. Green home cleaning products form a solid platform for the second step to a safer, more eco conscious lifestyle. When you replace the harmful chemicals in your daily cleaning regimen, you may find more than a few benefits for yourself as well as the planet. While not everyone can afford the time to take a bike to work, and not everyone can afford a low-emission hybrid vehicle, switching to green cleaning products is a simple way for anyone to make a difference. Surprisingly, not only do green home cleaning products help them reduce their carbon footprint, but they also end up saving a bit of money. If you’re looking for your second step to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, here are some great reasons to make green home cleaning products a priority.


Cleaning up is hard enough on its own. Chemical-dependent soap companies know this. As a result, you end up with some pretty nasty stuff in the cleaning cabinet that boasts miraculous powers. When you go to use these cure-alls, however, you find yourself with a sink full of something that smells terrible but didn’t quite get the stain out of the rug. Green home cleaning products skip that step by supplying you with something that really works, and they do it in a natural style. For example, Pure & Gentle uses orange oil. This pleasant-scented citrus oil deep cleans most hard surfaces without damaging your lungs or your linoleum. When it comes to carpets, avoid the ammonia with green home cleaning products made of natural cleansing agents that get the wine spill without a bleached out spot.


Buying in bulk helps you save money. Green home cleaning products grasp this concept in a unique way by providing their product in a concentrated form. The benefits of a concentrate extend to the environment by cutting down on the number of plastic bottles you need to purchase to keep your home clean from top to bottom. Concentrates also allow you the option to dilute as needed for the task at hand without wasting extra soap. Green home cleaning products save you money on individual purposes and provide the opportunity to make a purchase less often.

Saving Space

Concentrated green home cleaning products may mean fewer bottles in the cabinet, but they also mean fewer bottles, period. One bottle of concentrated all-purpose cleaner can take the place of up to 20 bottles for cleaning jobs all over the house. At that point, you aren’t only saving money, but you are helping reduce the output of waste from your home. The sheer number of cleaning bottles you might keep around for the floors, the counters, mirrors, and fixtures are reduced to one concentrated solution. Dish soap is just as amazing at removing gravy from clothes as it is for plates. Reducing your cleaning arsenal to just a few bottles helps you and the environment. Green home cleaning products take up less room in the landfill as well as the pantry.

Peace of Mind

While green home cleaning products may lessen the financial burden of daily tasks, there is no price on the comfort of knowing that your home is free of harmful toxins. Pure & Gentle’s green home cleaning products are non-toxic and safe for use in homes with small children and pets. A clean house doesn’t have to be a minefield of chemical-coated surfaces, and really it shouldn’t be. Green home cleaning products reduce your family’s exposure to inhalants and aerosols, and you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done something positive for the environment. Going green on cleaning might be your first step, or even your fifth, but regardless of where it falls on your personal map to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, choosing green home cleaning products is the right decision for a safer and greener home.

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