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Home, office, or automobile: maintaining cleanliness is a necessary task. Cleaning supply companies sell to help you along by offering a wide range of products for cleaning any surface. The majority of the products your mother used are actually rather bad for the planet.

Packaging costs, small volume, and aerosols contribute to a larger carbon footprint than you desire for your home. Eco friendly cleaning supplies come from companies actively trying to reduce harm to the environment. However, with so many choices available, why choose to purchase and use eco friendly cleaning supplies? Several reasons exist to make the switch.  


Eco friendly cleaning supplies are just plain and simply better for your health and the health of those around you. Ever coughed or felt your eyes sting while using an aerosol? The chemicals used in such products are proven by the EPA to cause respiratory distress. The whole point of cleaning is to make your home safer and more pleasant to live in. Red, teary eyes and a painful cough should not be part of that experience!

Switching to a pump-spray bottle with more natural ingredients lessens the amount of cleaning product you breathe in. Non-toxic ingredients also help in that regard. Chemically speaking, eco friendly cleaning supplies make your home a healthier place to live in. After all, why would you wish to prepare food on a countertop that is coated in harmful chemicals?

Featured second are the environmental concerns associated with traditional cleaning products. These come in two varieties: packaging issues and chemical contents.

When looking for an eco friendly product, check to see what the bottle is made from. It should, ideally, come from recycled parts or be recyclable.  Eco friendly cleaning supplies often come in bulk portions. Such portions reduce packaging waste by cutting down on the number of bottles you have to discard. Pure and Gentle offers cleaning products in dilutable forms to cut down on such waste. Several of our bottles are also produced in carbon neutral facilities – meaning that the manufacture of the bottle itself lessens your carbon footprint. Traditional cleaning product containers aren’t often recyclable due to the chemicals housed within for long periods of time.

As for chemical content, conventional products contain quite a few harmful chemicals. There is virtually no regulation on the contents of cleaning products. Companies look for ingredients that get the job done. Volatile organic compounds run rampant. Often, you might have no idea what is in your toilet cleaner. Eco friendly cleaning products do not contain such chemicals. The majority of eco friendly cleaning products use formulas with plant-derived ingredients. They contain no dyes or harmful phosphates and work just as well, if not better, than the standard products that may be familiar to you.

Another great reason to choose eco friendly cleaning supplies is the sheer convenience.  Bulk portions were mentioned earlier. Buying in bulk prevents trips to the store and gives you a good stock of cleaning supplies on hand for any cleaning emergencies. This also saves you money. Another aspect of the simplicity in eco friendly cleaning supplies concerns all-purpose cleaners. All-purpose cleaners work for dusting, mopping, carpet cleaning, upholstery touch ups, and so much more. Instead of having 20 products cluttering the area under your sink, why not have one that performs all those jobs?  This cuts down further on packaging wastes and saves you a lot of money on specified products. Pet stains to touch ups before guests arrive – all-purpose cleaners get the job done right in an eco friendly manner.

Next time you’re shopping for cleaning supplies, look for the eco friendly varieties. Pure and Gentle is a great place to shop for these items. We offer a variety of cleaners for any task you have in mind. In the end, eco friendly cleaning supplies provide numerous benefits. Not only do you help the planet when you choose these supplies, you save money and make your home or office a safer place.

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