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How much soap do you use when you wash dishes? How much when you mop the floors? How much detergent in the laundry?

Chances are high you’re using too much!  Avoid using too much soap during everyday cleaning by checking the label and help the environment by cutting down on waste as well as chemical overload.

Laundry detergents and dish washing liquids are two prime examples of concentrated solutions that most people use too much of. Most commercially available brands advertise themselves as being concentrated but keep the lines on the dispensing cups at the same place as regular versions. The result: using too much soap to clean your clothes and dishes. With laundry, this might leave your clothes with a gummy feel. As for dishes, you might waste water trying to get all the detergent cleared away. Using too much soap in either instance adds to packaging and water waste without really cleaning as well you may like.

This goes for the shower as well. Concentrated shampoos, conditioners, and soaps really do require less to get the job done! Alongside our household cleaners, Pure & Gentle provides a line of bath products that keep green living firmly in mind.

Check the labels on your cleaning products to avoid using too much soap.  A little bit goes a long way, and you can cut down on wasted products and save money at the same time. Pure & Gentle’s concentrated cleaners provide clear instructions for dilution to help you get accustomed to the environmentally friendly habit of using concentrates.

Conservation is important to green living, and concentrated products can help cut down on the amount needed. Pure & Gentle provides a full line of cleaning products for your home, auto, and even showering! Simply dilute the solutions to avoid using too much soap and take a step toward a more eco friendly home and lifestyle.

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