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Everything that you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. So while you’ve nailed the clean eating menu and you’re hitting the gym religiously, you may still be causing harm to your body by lavishing it with chemicals each time you shower or moisturize. We believe that your skincare routine should be natural, organic and loving. And that is why you should make the switch. Here’s how to do it.

Become an expert in reading labels
Fall is the season where the weather can dramatically change, sending many skincare lovers out to purchase new products to help with dryness. Before you buy, it is important to spend the extra time to read the labels. The soap industry is a billion dollar, money-making entity. Many people fall victim to marketing campaigns because they are swooned by the catchy slogans, pretty images and luxe fragrances. These companies are “soap” imposters that are not even allowed to use the word “soap” on their products unless it is just that, a true soap. This is why you see so many skincare products with labels that read, “skin cleanser” or “anti-aging moisturizer bar”.

Education is essential to making the switch
If you’re blissfully ignorant about what goes into the soap you use, chances are you may already think you use “organic” or eco-friendly soap.  Companies use this language as a clever way to cover up the fact that their product is mostly a chemical laden detergent, not soap.  If you can’t pronounce the ingredients in your soap there is good chance you’re lathering yourself with nothing more than chemicals that can leave your body ravaged and unhealthy. Educating yourself about the dangers of chemical laden soaps is key to staying healthy and protecting the environment you cherish.

Chemically disguised soaps are misleading
These chemicals, including petroleum, are combined to make what some companies refer to as “beauty bars”.  Anti-bacterial agents such as Triclosan, is classified by the EPA as a pesticide and as a drug by the FDA. The chemical components of Triclosan seep into your skin causing toxins to build in your body and brain.  Moreover, Triclosan is suspected by many research studies to compromise hormone functions. Additional studies have shown that when Triclosan enters the environment it is a large contributor to the destruction of fragile aquatic eco-systems. Additional research shows using products with this harsh chemical can contribute to anti-resistant bacteria’s which is highly dangerous to your health because it impairs your ability to keep the healthy bacteria you need for your immune system to work properly. 

Beauty over the Beast
The benefits of using eco-friendly soap are immense. You use soap every day on yourself and your family. When you use traditional soap the chemicals that come with it from fragrance additives to the extraction processes go down the drain. This affects things. Things like worms, fish, birds and flowers. All the beautiful things in nature are at risk when we use soaps manufactured with chemicals that are inevitably contaminating our eco-systems. Making the small change to only using eco-friendly soaps can not only help the planet it can keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful.

If you are ready to make the switch to all-natural soap, start with one of our Pure & Gentle bar soaps this fall. You will notice the difference and all our ingredients are plant-based and easy to pronounce!

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